Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Magician Alex Ramon of Illusion Fusion with Dreu Murin

Alex Ramon.

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Still in his teens, Alex became a true principal of his craft, earning many top awards and honors for his phenomenal magic, including San Francisco Bay Area’s Best Stage Magician, the coveted Lance Burton Award, and was named National Stage Magic Champion by the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas.
When Alex returned to Las Vegas in 2005, he auditioned for Disney LIVE!® presents “Mickey’s Magic Show”, and skillfully won a spot as a professional illusionist alongside Master Magician Mickey Mouse. Alex traveled the globe with the world’s most famous mouse for two and a half years, seeing 14 countries, four continents, 658 shows and entertained more than a million people.
Alex’s talent and dedication put him top of mind when producers Kenneth Feld and Nicole Feld imagined a magical circus- one in which an elephant disappears and a man turns into a tiger. 
With over a decade of magic experience, Alex brought an unexpected twist to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® presents Zing Zang Zoom. At age 23 Alex became the first magician and the second youngest Ringmaster in the 139-year history of The Greatest Show on Earth®. Starring as the Magical “Zingmaster”, Alex mesmerized audiences with his incredible mastery of illusions where he would make an elephant disappear, levitate members of the audience, and transform a man into a tiger all while being surrounded.
During his two-year tour Alex Ramon crisscrossed America performing in the largest arenas in the world, such as Madison Square Garden and The Staples Center, and brought smiles and wonder to people 10,000 at a time.
When Alex’s circus adventure came to an end he put his efforts into a new project, creating his own full magic and illusion show. ‘Illusion Fusion’ opened in January 2012 and quickly became the number one attraction in Lake Tahoe. Alex Ramon performs his show ‘Illusion Fusion’ six nights a week at the Horizon Casino Resort in South Lake Tahoe, NV.

Alex Ramon amazes Dreu Murin with his impressive knot trick.

It's Wednesday which means it's COOKING DAY on Wake Up Tahoe.

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